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BangBangKong x WEAVEASY

BangBangKong x RWB WEAVEASY Bag

We have now launched a new RWB Weaveasy Bag and Super BangBangKong (老餅剛)! 


RWB canvas bag, one common symbol of Hong Kong. Inspired by the RWB canvas bag, we design a new RWB Weaveasy Hobo Bag. 

Using the red, white and blue straps to create a new RWB Weaveasy bag, makes it more interesting and reminds people of the design of RWB canvas bag. 

Purchase any RWB Weaveasy Bag in Hexadoor can enjoy 10%off now!  

More BangBangKong (老餅剛) products will come out in the furture. Don't miss out!