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Blind By JW Handbags 

Blind by JW is a Womenswear and accessories fashion label; a grand feminine style with elegance combining with hand drawn digitalised print and cultural inspiration that can tell a story. Using authentic blind as their inspiration. Using intricate hand drawn technique to draw the outside world bringing the enchanted fairytale beauty within.

Blind by JW 作為一個本地女裝品牌,融合東西兩方的生活品味,希望以印花、色塊以及各種布料,為這個城市帶來一抹浪漫。布料是品牌非常注重的細節之一,設計師希望能以不同質感的布料,組合出新鮮有趣的設計

Poseasy Yoga set
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Poseasy Yoga set
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