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Weave your color easily.

The ultimate accessory to inspire you to explore your world

Weave it. Make it.

The ultimate accessory to inspire you to explore your world


Weaveasy Mobile Bag

Create your very own weave bag by choosing the colour straps you like and we do all the work for you. The bag also includes an adjustable strap. 

Weaveasy Mini Bag

Make it more easy. Make it more interesting.
You just need some straps, screws and a screwdriver, you can make your own weave bag. 


Creative Mountaineering Weaveasy Workshop

Select color straps

Choose the colors straps you like 

Select your bag

Choose a weave bag you want to make

What you will learn

create and make your very own ultimate weave bag with the love self-expression and dreamers

What we will provide

- Pattern Paper
- Leather ToolsTrims
- Mountaineering Rope

Weaveasy Flat Bag

Mix and match with different color straps to create a unique Weaveasy Bag!

Wait for what?

From $399

Come and join our Weaveasy Workshop, design and make your own weave bag!
Weaveasy belongs to Blind by JW original design. No plagiarism is allowed. Violators will be prosecuted.