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Lunar New Year Hotel Icon  X DiSCARVERY Wrap Bag

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Lunar New Year Hotel Icon X DiSCARVERY Wrap Bag










Lunar New Year Hotel Icon X DiSCARVERY Wrap Bag

Chinese New Year is Hong Kong’s biggest annual celebration. A hive of celebrations and festivities take place during this tradition celebration; from parades and fireworks to traditional dragon dances, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy whilst staying at Hotel Icon. 

For this special occasion Blind by JW is honored to be collaborating with sky-high restaurant Above and Beyond at Hotel Icon with their authentic Chinese New Year pudding wrapped in Blind by JW’s award winning design DiSCARVERY collection – Eco-friendly wrap bag dedicated exclusively to Hotel Icon in the year of OX; galloping over the cloud of Above and Beyond, representing a new start with a strong and inspiring year of 2021.

DiSCARVERY Wrap bag is an eco-friendly solution for light-weight travellers. With simply two elements - DiSCARVERY cloth and strap, users can easily tie and knot the cloth with the strap to make a shopping bag and say goodbye to unnecessary plastic bags! DiSCARVERY gives travellers and wearers inspiration to discover their journey of Chinese traditions and festive activities surrounding Hotel Icon capturing the best of Hong Kong has to offer. Simply with mobile camera, users can scan the QR codes on the scarf and discover the next destination, experience the local style and selfie trendy portraits effortlessly. These QR codes are doorway to unlock the experiences shared by other strangers who travel in different times; time capsule to preserve precious moments; and collective platform to co-create travel memories at these spots.